I'm Katy, the copywriter.

I help women entrepreneurs find the words to get their message heard.


Hello, I'm Katy.


I write professional-grade copy that helps you get your voice heard, build customer loyalty, communicate your values, and grow your sales.

Here are a few things I’m extremely good at:  

  • Writing newsletters and loyalty-building content
  • Writing copy for your website
  • Writing sales letters and autoresponder emails
  • Critiquing website, blog and social media pages
  • Creating content for your website, blog and social media
  • Writing empowering, female-focused copy and content
  • Teaching you, or your employees how to write fantastic copy and content

A bit about me...

At the moment, I'm based in Toronto, ON, but you'll often find me in Bristol, UK, and Barcelona, ES.  I'm a marketing and copywriting professional with 10 years' experience, and my friends would describe me as empathetic, fun, and honest. I'm also a passionate cook, a curious traveler, an aspiring minimalist, and a walker of long distances.  Here's my portfolio if you want to scope me out >

How I can help YOU...

The success or failure of every single marketing activity you employ within your business is almost completely dependent on how good your copy is.

Whether you're writing a menu, a sales letter, an Instagram post, a blog, or a brochure, using the right words will have massive impact on what your customers do next. 

I see so many business owners with incredible products and services, who just aren't getting the sales they deserve.  Why?  Because they don't have (or aren't using) their 'clincher copy' to turn browsers into buyers.

Most people are ok with this, and the vast majority are happy to have a business that's 'just ticking along nicely' and covers the bills. 

But what about those with ambition?  Those who want to grow their business, get more customers, and make more sales, but aren't sure where to start?

What about those business owners who want clarity and certainty when it comes to what is and isn't working? 

Marketing gets real expensive, real quick.  The last thing any business owner (or marketing manager) wants is to shell out on printing brand new brochures, blow a Facebook ads budget, or plough hours of company time into marketing activities, without absolute certainty that they're backing the right copy.

The copy that's going to build loyalty, and make customers want to buy.      The clincher copy.

Whether you need a hand identifying that 'clincher copy' in your business, or you simply want an experienced professional to write it for you, then I can help.  You can hire me to write by the hour, to write on a retainer, to work on projects with you, or as a trainer and consultant.

Either get in touch right away, or choose one of my copywriting packages to get started.

I look forward to working with you soon,

Katy x


PS. If you're not sure whether your sales copy is truly 'clincher copy' or not, then how do you think your customers feel about it?  For a fresh pair of eyes, and an honest and constructive critique, drop me an email now >


What's your biggest marketing challenge right now?